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Hello all

After a particularly frustrating PD lesson at school today (PD being an acronym for 'Personal Development' and a terrible non-period where we 'discuss ethics' and 'learn about ourselves' and 'think about what it means to....' etc. etc. It wouldn't be too bad if my class wasn't full of the most ignorant, under-informed people I've ever had the misfortune to have to associate with.) I was wondering, if you have an ED

What serves as personal 'triggers' for you?

 Personally, it takes rather a lot to trigger me. I can watch television and read magazines with no problems. When I'm on the internet, more or less nothing I see shocks me, much less actively triggers self-destructive behavior. For me to suddenly feel the need/compulsion to engage in certain activities, something has to happen to me personally. This can range, depending on my mood from a full blown argument with a loved one, to discussions about things that upset me (this doesn't necessarily have to be ED/SI/Whatever related- I've been triggered discussing politics and stuff before) to something as arguably minor as a perceived nasty look when I'm walking down a corridor. But 'outside' influences tend to have relatively little impact on me, at least recognizably.

Which went against everything my class seemed to 'know' about eating disorders (read: not much); they seemed content to act as if media images are the sole/main cause of both eating disorders in the first place, and triggering those already suffering. Admittedly, this is a pet hate of mine, just because I feel it over-simplifies horribly complex disorders, not to mention the fact that my own ED has almost nothing to do with 'Media Images' and I find it frustrating when people automatically assumes it does.

So I was wondering what it was like for you? Obviously triggers differ between individuals, but I was wondering ~how far~, so to speak? Are there any particular activities you know to abstain from doing because you know they act as a trigger (clothes shopping, reading women's magazines, etc.)? Or for you, do triggers come from less predictable/more diverse places?

Thank you so much in advance.


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