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Very disturbing Pro-ED article published on Muscle & Fitness Hers Website

Last night I came across a very disturbing article posted by a woman (the founder of The Fighter Diet) on Muscle & Fitness Hers' website. They're a website geared towards women interested in fitness, figure, and bodybuilding. She basically claimed that if you diet smarter and train harder than other people, you have an eating disorder.

What's an eating disorder? Is it using nutrition to meet your goals? Is it to adapt nutritional habits that turn your average soft body into a lean, ripped body because you want to feel and look that way? Maybe just knowing exactly what’s in your food is an eating disorder? Or is it staying away from foods that are fattening?

If your goal is to have an extremely lean, muscular body, it will take complete knowledge of how your body works and what it runs on. How can you know all that unless you have complete control and insight about the food you eat? You will need to be in control and take action. So, that to some people means you have an eating disorder.

You see, to be ‘normal’ you must be completely unaware of the calorie content of the drive thru Starbucks drink. You must feel fine having a McDonald’s burger now and then. You must say yes to the donut they offer you at work every afternoon. You must ‘live a little’, which means eating ice cream and chips in front of the TV on Friday nights.

If you choose to avoid some foods, healthy or non healthy, according to some people, you have an eating disorder. But if you choose a Range Rover over a KIA, you don't have a car disorder; you just prefer a certain brand.

If you choose to be ripped instead of soft, according to some people, you are obsessed. You are starving yourself, or you have no life. It couldn’t possibly be that you choose this over feeling fat, ugly and out of shape, right?

So, if this sounds like you, then yes you do have an eating disorder. And yes, you likely also have an exercise addiction. Why? Because you diet smarter and train better and harder than all those other people who claim they do not want to look and feel like you do … just because they would never have the willpower, the guts, the dedication or the killer instinct to do it.

Source: Muscle & Fitness Hers

Thoughts, comments?

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