Laughing Blues (brain_opera) wrote in ed_ucate,
Laughing Blues

Eating disorder and body dysmorphic disorder

Does anyone here have an eating disorder and body dysmorphic disorder? If so, if you got treatment for one or the other, did it help the other?

I have body dysmorphic disorder and I got CBT based therapy for it. It was helpful, but I found that I was still bulimic. I had hoped helping deal with my body image issues would help, but it only dealt with my anxiety-behaviours (covering my nose, always wearing hoods and hats, avoiding daylight, big coats, taking years to get ready, mirror avoidance etc) and not really my body image. I didn't believe I wasn't hideous, it just helped me realise my fears were possibly out of proportion.

I began to recover from bulimia and maintained a healthy weight but recently my weight has risen quite dramatically (I'm not sure why, I think it's a medication I take as I had been keeping a food diary and not eating more) and I have relapsed. I've never been underweight but I am now quite overweight. I'm vomiting a few times a day.

I am not quite bulimic as I don't really binge but I purge normal (or somewhat excessive but generally under 1000kcals) amounts of food and abuse laxatives. It's probably ED-NOS but was diagnosed as bulimia as they assumed (without asking, which I wish they would have done) that I binged. But as I've relapsed, I've also noticed my anxiety behaviours of BDD returning so I think they are related.

Would be interested to hear your experiences.
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