The angry gnome (liteweightbaby) wrote in ed_ucate,
The angry gnome

Help w/ creating an educational eating disorder website

I'm in the process of creating an educational website about bodybuilding and eating disorders, since there are literally NO resources out there about it out there.  My goal is to inform others about the eating disorders that primarily affect bodybuilders, how to recognize the signs, and offer ways to find help.

Couple of questions:

1) If I post pictures, how should I approach it?  I'm thinking that posting pictures of bodybuilders (their bodies) would be triggering...sort of like why you don't see ED informational websites posting pictures of skeletal women.  Would it be triggering?  Or not?

2) What sort of information do you think I should include on there?  So far, the things I will discuss are the types of EDs that affect bodybuilders, the signs of an ED, complications of an ED, and ways to find help.  Is there anything else I should include?



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