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thoughts on ED literature

basically this started as a long-winded rant when I was commenting on another topic earlier today.

but anyodd!

* what do y'all think of what has been written on eating disorders? are the images it contrives to the non-eating disordered accurate? *

here's my personal schbiel on it:

although I've obviously read less on the subject than many others in this community, what I HAVE read has been of little or no value. it seems that stereotypes are maintained and/or progressed in practically everything I've read on the topic (which, I maintain, hasn't been a lot, but I've definitely read more on it than the average person.)

what I generally see in ED literature:
-there are only two or three eating disorders (always anorexia and bulimia, sometimes COE is mentioned).
-mainly upper-middle class white teens "get" them.
-everyone should BLAME THE MEDIA! sometimes dysfunctional families, too.
-sometimes it's a "phase" (?)
-EDs are only caused by a need to control and cope.

I know I could think of some more, and they'll probably come to me about 4 seconds after I post this. anyway, chat away, ed_ucate.

this just came to me, and I think it kind of plays into the stereotype topic.

- has anyone noticed that whenever someone loses weight in hollywood, one of the first questions asked is, "like, OMG! is it an eating disorder?!" (ex: lindsay lohan)

especially in those tabloid-y magazines. *sigh*

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