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How did your center/team determine your target range (if applicable)?

I hope this makes sense without numbers as they aren't not allowed here...I want it to be non-triggering, if possible.

I went to an IOP program a while back, and I was told that "...research shows that chances of recovery are better if the target BMI is "at least  XX...your brain chemistry will change once you hit this weight" to which I thought silently, "and what were the demographics of the participants in these research studies?" I suspect that they were primarily based on studies with Caucasian females. If I gain XX pounds from my top of my target range, I will be in the overweight category according to the new recommended guidelines for certain groups of Asian descent. However, using the "general" calculator, it is Y lbs ON TOP of the XX pounds from being it is further away from being overweight. That's a big difference on someone short like me.

I have been unhealthily obsessing over research articles indicating that BMI calculations in relation to actual body fat measured differs among ethnic groups. Specifically, certain subgroups of Asians have higher body fat as the average Caucasian of the same age, sex, and BMI.  There have been studies researching this for over a decade, and changes in determining overweight/obesity criteria for different groups has been used and suggested. This leads me to not trusting my recommended BMI range because I feel that it is simply reflective of the nutritionist's usage of a sweeping belief that I have to be at a BMI of XX in order to be healthy according to other patients that she has worked with (and I doubt a large percentage of them were non-White) ....however, me at a BMI of XX will mean that I might have a higher fat percentage than someone else of my same height from a different ethnic background and I'm really scared to let that happen.

I know my body and my body at my target range feels like too much. I don't think it is my ED talking. I feel like it is unfair that nobody will take me seriously because they will just say, "Oh, that's your eating disorder talking!!!" when there is research out there noting that hey, not everyone was made exactly the same...our bodies are unique based on ethnicity, gender, frame, etc.

Thoughts on how target weights are calculated? I feel like they want to set a minimum of the popular BMI of at least XX  for everyone in order to avoid outcry from other patients who will think it isn't fair or triggering which I do understand.


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