yasdnil723 (yasdnil723) wrote in ed_ucate,

Permanent damage to stomach from purging?

I was wondering on anyone's experience/knowledge of recurrent stomach pain after having bulimia?

I started having upper gastric pain in 2010 several months after I started purging. My doctor told me it was probably an ulcer and told me to take PPIs. I did, and it went away. However it keeps coming back (the pain comes and goes, it will feel bad for awhile and then be fine for awhile) even though I continue to take the PPIs regularly. I haven't purged in almost a year now so it isn't due to current symptoms. It doesn't seem to be associated with any food I eat, it really seems to be random. I'm wondering if I've done some kind of permanent damage to my stomach or if this could be something else? Has anyone else experienced this? I know I should probably see a doctor again or a specialist at some point. Any input or personal experience is appreciated. Thank you.

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