rubytuesday6 (rubytuesday6) wrote in ed_ucate,

Blood test?

Hi guys I'm getting a blood test tomorrow and I heard I should fast for 12 HOURS before so that there is no fat in the blood system. This might sound stupid but is binging and purging okay? If I purge it all out and there isn't any food in my "system"? How about chewing and spitting since I won't swallow anything? I realize my question is very dumb but I appreciate a reply. Thanks..

EDIT: I got the results this morning. Apparently my blood is fine not much to worry about but he did mention that I have a very low white blood cell count. He spoke to my mum I wasn't there so I couldn't ask questions. Google is just freaking me out because it diagnoses me with all these horrible diseases so I don't want to google anymore lol. Is it normal to have low WBC? And is it in any way related to my ED? 


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