Don't Mess With Texas (lettucepussy) wrote in ed_ucate,
Don't Mess With Texas

here's some edumication for all you chip lovers

We were excited to try Lay's new Light potato chips- they have half the calories of regular chips and no fat. But then we read the fine print: The second item on the ingredients list is Olestra, the fat substitute that can cause loose stools and abdominal cramping. So where's that warning previously listed on Olestra-containing products stating you might have to eat these chips in the bathroom? Two years ago the U.S. Food and Drug Administration concluded that the warning label was no longer warranted bc studies showed that "Olestra caused only infrequent, mild gastrointestinal effects." The Center for Science in the Public Interest condemned the FDA's removal of the warning label, stating that consumers may inadvertently consume Olestra and suffer needless negative side effects.
In another bag of tricks from Frito Lay, its Light brand actually a repackaged, renamed version of the WOW! Chips line. The "new" Light line includes flavors of Doritos, Ruffles and Tostitos.

taken from M&F Hers

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