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Opinions on the idea that "relapse is part of recovery"

I'm new to this community, but I was looking for some opinions on this subject. I recently completely a twelve week daily treatment program and was hospitalized for three week before that. I haven't used any behaviors (restricting, binging, purging) since the day before I was put inpatient. The problems is, I feel like people in my treatment team don't always believe me when I say that because they believe that everybody relapses when they're in recovery. When I was in treatment, we did a check-in group in the mornings and the facilitator always reminded us that "if you're going through treatment perfectly, you're probably not doing it right." I'm not saying that I've gone through treatment perfectly, as I have had struggles, but I never used disordered behaviours. There were times when I would question if my recovery was even real because I wasn't struggling with my disorder the same way that other people were.

I was wondering if anybody else had come across this mentatlity in treatment and what they thought about it. Personally, I do think that relapses are pretty regular during recovery, but I don't think that anybody has the same experience in recovery. 

Let me know what your thoughts are.


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