little scrappy (xcrazyraex) wrote in ed_ucate,
little scrappy

Chest pain correlating with ED?

I don't know if this is the proper place to ask this, but I have a question about chest pains, and any correlations they may have with an eating disorder.

I woke up this morning around six, and my legs were very crampy and I also noticed my chest hurt. I texted the girl I was going to go work out with to tell her I wouldn't be making it, and fell asleep shortly thereafter. I woke up again around seven, after my mom played a clever April Fool's joke on me. Irrelevant, sorry. Anyhow, I was trying to think of reasons to stay home because my body was dragging and I was so very tired, and I noticed my chest still hurt. I ended up sleeping until eleven, and then going to school.

The pain subsided throughout the day, but while I was at work tonight, it came back. I don't know how to describe the pain, it is kind of a dull ache. It's about 12:30 right now and my chest still hurts(and sleep seems to evade me), so I thought I'd come and ask if there is any correlation to my eating disorder.

Also, do your muscles cramp because of a potassium deficiency? Or why is this? I've never known my legs to cramp randomly when I'm not doing any strenuous activity, unless I get a "charlie horse".

Thank you.

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