christy (_________lost) wrote in ed_ucate,


Age: 16

Gender: Female

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 136lbs

BMI: 21.3

ED: Most likely ED-NOS. My BMI is above 17.5, and I haven't lost my period. I've debated whether I have some form of Bulimia, because I learned you don't have to throw up to be considered bulimic. I really have no idea, which is why I am here :)

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Self-diagnosed - but not completely diagnosed.

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: 1) Really young kids [I know I am young but I'm talking 12-14 year olds] who join asking for tips on how to become anorexic.
2) People who join pro-ed communities JUST to post an entry to tell the members how sick and disgusting they are. Especially when they say "You're fat go eat" or something along those lines.

Questions/comments/concerns: I do not have an extremely serious ED (although any ED is serious, I mean ... developed?). I joined to find out what is wrong with me, and to keep from becoming one of those girls floating around clueless about herself, annoying tons of people in livejournal communities ;)

This was so much more detailed the first time, but livejournal did that stupid 'read-only' B.S. >:[

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