xxohxx (xxohxx) wrote in ed_ucate,

Age: 21

Gender: F

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 142

ED: Ed-Nos, COE

Diagnosed/Self Diagnosed?: Recently diagnosed ED-Nos by university psychiatrist and self diagnosed COE

Biggest Pet Peeve: I don't have many because I'm only a member of one community, and that one is pretty tame. But I'm pretty obsessed with grammar and punctuation, as well as having cohesive thoughts and posting in communities only when one has something "community related" to say, thus posts that tell how much someone has eaten for the day, or how much they've exercised get on my last nerve. I can say what I like about this community, based on the few days I've been watching it, is that you guys have an amazing amount of really interesting scientifically based information about how our bodies work and how eating disorders affect them. This community seems incredibly smart, and incredibly well structured, and the information here will be very helpful to me because I'm in the process of recovery, whereas other communities tend to have posts that trigger me, reading things like the affects of eating disorders on my body just renews my commitment to recover.

How I found my way here: lettucepussy

Questions/comments/concerns: Since I've just started therapy and I'm on my way to recovery, my only hope is that I am able to keep down that road (not to gain weight because I'm at a healthy weight, not to lose weight because I'm at a healthy weight, but just to have a sane and healthy attitude toward food and my body). From what I've read on this community thus far it seems to be the type that would help me with that, but I haven't read from the beginning, and I'm hoping there are no "pray to goddess ana" types here. But then that annoys me more than it triggers me nowadays anyway ;)

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