xox__kat__xox (xox__kat__xox) wrote in ed_ucate,

Age: katie

Gender:  female

Height: 5'2

Weight: 125

BMI: 22.9

ED: none (see below the application...)

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: ....

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities:  i dont have an ed but it makes me mad when people that dont have ed's get on and purposely rant about how bad and unhealthy eds are.  if i sound ignorant or something, again see below the application....)

How I found my way here: from  a community called __anorexicpixie

Questions/comments/concerns: ok big questions... heres why im on here.

i already posted this in __anorexicpixie and a member told me to post it here if i asked the mods.  me being stupid, i couldnt find the e-mails of the mods.  if this isnt a legitimate post, feel free to delete it!

my name is katie...i dont have an eating disorder. you guys are probably thinking im stupid or something for posting in here but i do have a reason. i was scanning through the posts in here and yall seem like really supportive and nice people so i picked this community to help me with this thing for school...

i have to do a paper for school in journalism class. the teacher said we could chose from all these different topics and one of them was eating disorders. the thing is that im more interested in the emotional side of the topic more than scientific. i asked him if i could use that side of the topic and he said that would be good. the problem is that i dont know anybody with an eating disorder. well i dont think i do. anywho... soooo, i was wondering if yall could answer some questions for me? i would keep everything anonymous and i could show yall the report before i turn it in. im not putting my opinion in it or anything like that so yeah. i didnt know if any of you would want to help or if it was allowed for me to post this. so if it isnt, its perfectly ok with me if you delete it... theres still time for me to change the topic of the report but this one sounds really interesting....

so if you want to help me out, heres some questions i was thinking about. again it will be anonymous in my report.

1) How/when did you develop your eating disorder?
2) Are your eating habits affected by your environment(i.e. who you are with or where you are)?
3) Do you think that eating disorders occur more amongst males or females?
4) Are your eating habits based more on the goal to just be healthy (in the normal weight range) or to be below the average weight?
5) What was the main reason that you developed your eating disorder?
6) About how many people in your family/circle of friends know about your ed? (ed stands for eating disorder right? if it doesnt, i feel really dumb...)
7) Do you want anybody to know about it?
8) Does your weight goal always stay the same, or do you change it as you lose weight?
9) Is an eating disorder somewhat like an addiction? I mean, like once you start to purge or restrict heavily, is it something you can easily give up?
10) Does an eating disorder lower your self-confidence in general?

ok i cant think of any more... again if this isnt a legitimate post, you can delete it... thanks sooo much if yall can help me!

(the link to my post in __anorexicpixie is...  http://www.livejournal.com/community/__anorexicpixie/1960065.html just in case you wanted to see it....)


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