Laura (tintedsparkle) wrote in ed_ucate,

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 1/2" (Thats a very important half inch, I'm growing again and that means a lot to me)

Weight: 106

BMI: 20.7 (I think, I am really afraid to complusivly check all the time)

ED: Trying to recovery from Anorexia

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Diagnosed bulimia (along with depression, social anxienty and mild OCD) at age 12, then diagnosed anorexia nervosa at age 14 (then becoming manic depressive and severe OCD). Refused hospitalization by lying and using every make yourself weigh more without gaining weight tricks in the book (and NO I will never ever share those with anyone I think might have or ever develop an ED). I am currently in my 3rd serious attempt of recovery with the help of my friends, family, church and mainly God.

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: Ignorance, and being told to just eat (which I guess is ignorance)

How I found my way here: the anti_ana comm.

Questions/comments/concerns: Dont really seem to have any.


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