Laura (tintedsparkle) wrote in ed_ucate,

I know I just posted my app. but since that was my first post I was thinking it was alright to post.

I recently started on birth control (not because I'm having sex, that is not in my personal beliefs at this point in my life). I had lost my period, got it back, lost it, and then got it back, every other week! So 8 days on, 5 days off. It was so horrible. I asked the doctor, will it really make me gain weight. She told me no! She told me if I do it'll only be about 3-4 pounds! Not true. I was eating no more, exercising no less, and I went from my comfortable 98 to 106. As I try to recovery, this scares me so much. I was perfectly alright at 98 pounds. But over that 3 digit mark and I flip out. I know that I"m not over weight, in fact, I just entered the so called "healthy weight" catagory. I even have grown a little (I seem to grow every time my body gets a little extra fat, my early age gymnastics dieting stunted my bone development). HOWEVER, none of these facts are important to me because I see the weight, and then I see a little fat girl in the mirror. I have had problems sharing this with anyone because I am so ashamed. I have started exercising again, but is there any way that I can still be on b/c withouth gaining weight?

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