auxiliarypower (auxiliarypower) wrote in ed_ucate,

Age: 19

Gender: f

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 129lbs

BMI: 19.6

ED: ed-nos

Diagnosed/Self Diagnosed?: self-diagnosed, although two years ago i was being treated with outpatient therapy in a hospital facility for panic disorder. a young intern studying child psychology attempted to persuade me into seeking eating disorder diagnosis and consult, but i kept my arms crossed to the suggestion for weeks, with a most unyielding refusal.

Biggest Pet Peeve About ED Communities: when a community-based ambience feels far from communal; sparse and erratic. i've browsed through a variety of communities where either the posts were inconsistent (jumping beween months detracts from both personal interest and general interest, especially when others are making it clear that they are uninterested) or members were infrequent in their commenting. so many spaces out there lack the honest definition of community; tight-knit and together, which defeats the whole purpose of such creation.

How I found my way here: browsing through ed-related communities

Questions/comments/concerns: i appreciate the intellectual drive and capacity of practically all posting members. this particular community is so suiting because it holds opposite to what i found so disappointing in most other places. i also respect the way in which this community is projected; it really seems to steer clear of stereotype, box-label and judgment of any sort. ed_ucate is a community open to communication via idea and suggestion, and of course with that comes individual opinion and response, which appears to be distributed in a most mature and educated fashion.

<3 steph


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