Nephilette (la_pirette) wrote in ed_ucate,

An interesting snippet I found on MSN Health. (Alright, I found it on a men's article, but hey, exercise is exercise.)

"When stress hits, one of the first things your body does is crank up its production of adrenaline. This causes fat cells from all over your body to release their stored fat into your bloodstream, so you can burn it and use the calories to ecscape or fight off whatever it is that's giving you the heebee-jeebies. But your stress is probably caused by your boss, your kids or the IRS, so all that newly-released fat goes unused.

What happens next, experts believe, is that the fat is taken out of the bloodstream again - only this time it's stored preferentially around your belly. (You're probably getting stressed just reading this.) So do whatever you can to de-stress."

Complete article:

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