Jen (theotherme_jen) wrote in ed_ucate,

Not to sound wanarexic...

I know your metabolism takes a hit when you excessively restrict for a long period of time, but on 800 calories a day, with occasional to regular exercise (it's my birthday this week, on friday, so I'm allowed to be lazy...I've been running 10 miles a week, regularly for two months. it's allowed. :p hehe) but anyway. I haven't weighed myself on the Tanita in almost a month and I should be getting my period here soon, so I don't want to weigh because water retention may throw the reading off, and a bad reading, with heavier weight than last time would just ruin my birthday (when I get a bad reading, I tend to be depressed for quite a long time, as I'm sure many of you are.) anyway. Shouldn't I be losing, as least a little, on 800 a day? or have I fucked my metabolism up so bad that I'm just a lost cause?

And, on a seperate note, we all have the "number" mentality; it doesn't matter how we look, it's the number on the scale. I have a dial scale (which are not very reliable, I know) which I weigh myself on regularly just to keep myself "in check" so to say, and it's been around the same for awhile, to my disdain, and I was just wondering if any of you have cut back how often you weigh yourself?

bah. rambling, I know. but it's sort of a vent. i hate this so much. i'm sure i've mentioned that before though.

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