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Age: 18

Gender: female

Height: 156.1cm / 5'2..ish

Weight: is this absolutely necessary? i'm quite aware that i'm overweight. 60kg, give or take.

BMI: 24.9 / 25? i don't really want to check. triggers, and all.

ED: disordered eating, but not an eating disorder. is it okay that i'm here?

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: i don't do self-diagnosis myself.

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: i don't know.. kendal told me to join, i don't particularly have issues with ed communities. mm well apart from the ones which have people (who usually tend to be overweight or obese or just.. not anorectic) who simplify anorexia into ana, a pick-up-over-the-weekend disorder. i suppose it just irks me a bit when people jump out of diagnosis criteria. i don't understand the point because it's not as if ednos is really any different to anorexia or bulimia or coe.

Questions/comments/concerns: love to the candykitten.
and i wasn't sure if i was meant to put this under a friend's cut or not -- bleep me if i'm meant to change that.

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