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Part 1

--Age: 22

--Gender: Female

--How I found my way here: I saw it being refered to in couple of community, but I joined mostly cos of sunshinesarah .

--Questions/comments/concerns:  Normal daily life questions & conserns. Comments? At the moment I'm good. :)

Part 2 (disordered members only)

--ED: ED-nos

--Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Never diagnosed. I was anorexic 3 years ago, but got to recovery before being diagnosed. (More about it down the application. So: Self diagnosed.


Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

Meeting all anorexic criteria except still at normal weight

Meeting all anorexic criteria except still getting periods

I thought I'd add this too, so it doesn't seem like I'm answering no guestions at all here.
Of course I already mentioned I'm ED-nos and that my weight is normal and periods still bugging me.

[1a] Is your bmi less than 17.5? No
[1b] If your bmi is over 17.5, have you been medically diagnosed with anorexia nervosa at your current weight? No
[2] Are you terrified of gaining weight or getting fat? Extremely terrified and even the gaining of two lbs gives me mild debression.
[3] Does your weight/size/shape influence how you feel about yourself? All the time. I feel nauseous everytime in front of the mirror cos' I don't look good. I'm basically fat misfit in the world, and friend circle, where everyone else is thin and beautiful. I have always been the fat one of the group, and just thinking of that makes me want to break down and cry.
[4] Have you lost your period for at least three months? No, well I ones did in my past when I was anorexic and deeply debressed. But I heard it could have been only because of the debression.

[5a] Restricting types only: While you have been anorexic, have you restricted without episodes of binging? Well few years ago, actually 3,5 years ago I was, 5'5 and 106lbs. IBM 17. (I got from 145 lbs to 106 in three months.) During that time I had NO friends at all. Back then was restriting and not binging (I count Real binging as eating a whole pizza or more, Just binging as eating 4 cookies). I went into recovery, gained ton of weight all the way up to 160. And then resently, well starting from January I got a bad financial situation, where I couldn't buy more than just tiny amount of food. So I thought perfect time to lose some freaking weight, as everyone knew I was short on money.
And now in April 7th I'm 149lbs again.
Desparately wanting to get to 106 again!
[5b] Binging/Purging types only: While you have been anorexic, have you had recurring episodes where you have binged or purged?

Hopefully no one minds me answering few of those questions as it feels liberating to get things like these of my system.


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