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Don't Mess With Texas

i was able to take my body fat % today. i'm built very muscular naturally and i did a simple calculation to see how much of my body weight is not fat. its around 92 lbs, i'm 5'. that means that with ZERO fat i could only weigh 92 lbs at the MINIMUM unless, as prettypinkbows pointed out, my body would have to start eating muscle, which would happen at 102 lbs, i think. i know that a lot, if not all, of you on starvation diets are losing lean mass but this is directed more at people who have goal weights and don't plan on getting to the point where your muscles atrophy.

i'm bringing this up because i have read that only 1% of the population is actually able to have a body of a supermodel.
are you actually capable of meeting your goal physically?

if you want to figure it out 27.5% is smack dab in the middle of the average body fat.
21.7% is in the middle of ideal.
here is a chart to see what i mean
the higher your body fat the lower your base weight should be.

so maybe a discussion about this or something. i found it interesting and absolutely relieving bc at my lowest body fat and weight i was still 113 (5') *big number but i looked fantastic*

so if you want to take time by multiplying your current weight by your %body fat (if you know it and if you don't do a couple numbers). thats how many pounds of fat you have. take that number then subtract it from your current weight and that is the weight of your bones/organs/muscles, i call it my base weight.
i think 10% is the minimum body fat, maybe lower, anyone know?
anyway if it is 10% take your base weight then divide it by .9 to get your absolute minimum weight. without eating yourself of course ;]

edit the measuring tape method isn't really that accurate just a rought estimate
that was given by cheshire23. some people are freaks and have less body fat then that. thats just general guide lines

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