lovemushroom (lovemushroom) wrote in ed_ucate,

Love Mushroom

Part 1


--Gender:Female (last time i checked)

--How I found my way here: I forget now, but have been browsing for a while.

--Questions/comments/concerns:It's so nice to see community actually striving to educate people with regards to ED's rather then encouraging them. I spent much of my time at university careing for my anorexic flat mate and get very upset when i see communities encouraging 12 year old girls to starve.

I don't think I need to fill in part two as I do not think I am disordered. I have huge issues with my weight, but then show me a girl who doesn't. I am actually quite shy about my body and issues with it, so I am not sure i would feel comfortable filling out the rest. But if the only other option is that I lose access to all the information this community holds then I will complete it.

sorry, does any of that make any sense?

Part 2 (disordered members only)





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