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as a follow up to my post yesterday here

i went looking for the ecto/endo/meso-morph body types and descriptions (i'm sure any of us who have been in psychology classes remember these)
and i found this website with a fairly accurate quiz.
the closer you are to 1, the more endomorphic you are.
the closer you are to 2, the more mesomorphic you are.
the closer you are to 3, the more ectomorphic you are.
just for you in-betweenies.
its meant for body/building and fitness but it does have some good information on what may work best for you to reach your goals.

here are a few excerpts

In the 1940s, Dr. William H. Sheldon introduced the theory of Somatypes. His theory described three basic human body types: the endomorph, characterized by a preponderance of bodyfat; the mesomorph, marked by a well-developed musculature; and the ectomorph, distinguished by a lack of either much fat or muscle tissue. He did also state that most people were a mixture of these types.

And many women who tend to be endomorphic will save themselves much suffering by not striving to change themselves into ectomorphs, it's not going to happen. Conversly a true ectomorph who wishes to be a Sumo wrestler would also be in for a big disappointment.


and here is another site that gives info on how to eat to lose weight according to your somatype

excerpt that totally applies to me as i'm typing and avoiding the gym ;]

Because a mesomorph can generally build muscle and shed away fat with considerable ease, he often becomes lazy and apathetic to eating binges and lulls in exercise, maintaining faith that his favorable genetics will bail him out of such consequences.

and another excerpt.

One such mistake many body shapers make is to assume that all rules of dieting, exercise, and weight training applies to each and every individual. However, this is not kindergarten. The rules at hand will always vary, depending on your genetic makeup.

okay, must move lazy ass towards the gym now.

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