Bridget (all_of_myself) wrote in ed_ucate,

Part 1

--Age: 16

--Gender: Female

--How I found my way here: Through other communities.

--Questions/comments/concerns: Just a comment-i really love the 2nd banner in the user info!!

Part 2 (disordered members only)

--ED: Non-purging bulimic

--Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Self-diagnosed, but my counselor agrees, however.


[1] Do you eat more food in a binge than most people would eat in the same amount of time?
Yes yes yes yes yes.
[2] Do you lose control during the binge episode? I do...sometimes i won't answer the phone because i can't bring myself to stop shoving food in my gob :P I don't even know what stops me, most of the time...
[3] Have you binged and compensated(purge/lax/fast/excessive exercise) at least twice a week, every week, for three months? For three years.
[4] Is your self-worth based on how you look or weigh?
Yes. I'm petrified of the scale at the moment. I can't deal with the bad feelings that go with it.
[5a] Purging type - does your compensation regularly involve vomiting, laxative abuse, diuretics, or enemas? I use laxatives and i vomit. However, i chose to self-diagnose as a non-purging type, because i fast and exercise excessively more than i vomit. Is this right?
[5b] Non-purging type - does your compensation regularly involve excessive exercising or fasting? Generally fasting.


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