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Part 1

--Age: 18

--How I found my way here: I got a banner in my personal journal

--Questions/comments/concerns: I dont really understand what this place is for exactly... if someone could clarify, that would be great. What caught my attention was that there will be no "thinspiration" clogging this place up. Somewhere where I can actually READ things. Words tend to amuse me much more than pictures.

Part 2 (disordered members only)

--ED: Anorexia, Restricting Type

--Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Medically Diagnosed

--Questionnaire: 1) BMI is not currently under 17.5
1b) BMI was under 17.5 when diagnosed- and am still considered anorexic at this weight, apperently.
2) I dont think I've met an anorexic that hasnt been terrified of gaining weight. Isnt that the whole point of the disease?
3)Yes, my weight/size has an influence on how I feel... I dont understand how it couldnt
4) I've missed my period for the past two years
5) I am the "Restricting type" and do not purge, and occasionally binge when I feel rebelious or strong. Which doesnt happen often, sad to say.


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