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wazzap guiezzz!!!

Name: Enyce

Age: 25

Gender: Female

Height: 5'8

Weight: 128

BMI: 19.5

I think I have this ED: Bulimia nonpurging type (trying to recover from purging type. last purge: feb 21.)

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities:
1- that there are over 500 eating disorder communities out there and this number is growing daily
2- that most of the people i nthese communities have no eating disorder at all. al they want is weight loss and attention.
4- people spelling it loose instead of lose
6- the 'look at my underaged contorting on my bed in my hello kitty underwear semi-child pr0n i'm not sucking my stomach in i swear!' picture posts.
7- people like exsanguinate who run anorexia comms and they're not even anorexic.
8- people who just plain refuse to understand the concept of anorexia/bulimia/ednos being somehow linked to medical definitions and criterias collected in the DSM IV. it's like if you diagnose yourself with cancer and go to a pharmacist and demand medicine will she just give it to you? no, she'll ask for a doctor's perscription. you are not fucking qualified to diagnose yourself. if a pharmacist cannot provide medicine based on your word you are not qualified to diagnose shit!
9- lying cuntrags like in_perfections.
10- everyone who's ever been featured on haha_anawanabes.

I know i'm in a weird spot b/c i'm trying to recover from my eating disorder and i'm trying to lose weight at the same time. i know that i will be happy (with my body at least) when i am around my old weight of 105 or 108 because when i was at that weight before, i was happy with my body. that is not to say that i'm a wanarexic who wants to get down to victoria's secret weight and then magically recover. i just dont want my recovery to fuck up my weight loss and i dont want my weight loss to fuck up my recovery... i guess i want the best of both worlds. i know that i am obsessed with my weight and my eating habits but i am trying to find hobbies to try and occupy my mind to not think about food/fasting/exercising so much. crusading agains people on livejournal who fit the above criteria has really helped me to slowly overcome my own battles with bulimia b/c it gives me something else to do besides count calories and fast and run around exercising five hours a day and freaking out and binging.

i have really high hopes for this community. i hope we can make it extraordinary, unique, intellectual and a safe haven for all people who wish to actually enlighten themselves with regards to eating disorders and those who have them.

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