Kristin (catchthesparkle) wrote in ed_ucate,


Part 1

--Age: 24

--Gender: Girl

--How I found my way here: I've seen links in a lot of places. ed_medfacts, I think was one.

--Questions/comments/concerns: I have never been diagnosed, so I would feel really pathetic diagnosing myself with an eating disorder ... To me, I'd feel like I was claiming I needed help for something that wasn't really a problem. So, I don't know. I just thought I'd say that. I've read several interesting articles here, so I'd like to join.

As far as Part 2 goes ... I could go on forever explaining my perceptions of my body and food, but I doubt anyone wants to read that. I see elements of COE/BED, Night Eating Syndrome, BDD, and anorexia in myself. My BMI has ranged from 25.5 to 18 in the past 2 years, and it's currently 19.6. If anyone needs/wants to know any more, I'd be glad to answer. I just don't want to ramble about pointless things.

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