Game (en__particulier) wrote in ed_ucate,


Part 1

--Age: 15

--Gender: female

--How I found my way here: I saw it on a friends list of an aquaintence [sp?] of mine.

--Questions/comments/concerns: I basically want to learn more, I've seen some really interesting entries in here so I figured I'd join. Although, I do kind of feel like I'm craving sympathy if I come out and say I'm self diagnosed. Right now I just consider myself a teenage girl with a lot of insecurities, and although I do deal with it in rather non-typical ways, I can't feel right just diagnosing myself since I haven't been diagnosed by any doctors or professionals.

yeah, and for part 2, I'm not even sure which eating disorder I have, it seems like I've had them all at different points in time, but I guess that's another characteristic of ed-nos. my BMI is currently 19.6, the lowest it has been was 18.4.
If I missed anything, plz tell me. and if you need to know more then just ask, I don't mind or anything. I hope everyone has a great day!


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