jaimee (deadpainter) wrote in ed_ucate,

an addition to the commotion

Part 1
--Age: 18
--Gender: Female
--How I found my way here: I've been surfing through different communities lately and found this one. This community seems awesome and I hope I am welcome.
--Questions/comments/concerns: I have a lot of insight when it comes to eating disorders, depression and SI, and hope to add useful information and positive support to the community.
Part 2 (disordered members only)
--ED: anorexia nervosa
--Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: Medically diagnosed with anorexia. I was in rehab twice for 2 months each, and have been in treatment for the past 4 years.
--Questionnaire: Please indicate which eating disorder criteria you DO have:
I have had all the criteria for anorexia before and for prolonged periods of time, however due to treatment and attempts at recovery, I have been getting my period regularly, though I fit every other requirement.


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