March 20th, 2005

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Fats for Cooking

In anticipation of possibly being invited to the_ed_kitchen at some point, I was flipping through the one cook book I own, I'm Just Here for the Food by Food Network's Alton Brown. If any of you watch his show, Good Eats, you probably know it's very informitive rather than just making up new dishes like most other cooking shows. This book follows the same idea - it has pretty basic recipes along with a ton of information on cooking styles (which is actually how the book is mapped out instead of by food) and just how cooking works in general. As he says, "Sure, [recipes] can get us where we're going, but that doesn't mean we know where we are when we get there."

I typed up this little part because I thought it had some really great information about fats that was easy to read. Now, I know a lot of you may never touch any oil or fats when you cook, but that doesn't mean that it's not a good read, and it doesn't mean I'm advocating the use of butter or something. I just like knowing why.  I also want to mention that this little part was in a section about frying, which is why smoke points, browning, or crispyness (?) are mentioned, but that doesn't really matter much as far as the information goes.  

Please excuse any typos I didn't catch. I can't read or write.

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This may be incredibly naive, but I've always been slightly confused about it.

Do these two situations get you the same net-worth?

Eating 500 calories + normal life-style calorie expenditure (no "purposeful" workouts)

Eating 1200 calories + purposefully exercising to the tune of burning 700 calories

If I sound disgustingly like one of those kids who asks why the sky is blue or if purple paper tastes like grapes, please shoot me. I'm just curious about the trade-off benefits of each situation.

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I don't have an ED as defined by those damn guidelines, but I definitely view food in a way that is/has been interfering with my life.

Basically, what I want to know is, is there a place for me to go? I mean, I know if I was that obvious anoretic or bulimic, obviously I could go to some treatment center. But I'm (luckily) not in that severe of a situation, it's just, I want to eat normally again, be normal again. I want to eat when I'm hungry and eat whatever I feel like for the day. In other words, I want to carry out hunger and eating the way most people would.

Do you understand? And if so, what can I do? my mom says, "just eat normally and dont be so hard on yourself," but it's really not that easy. I have a therapist, but sometimes I just don't think they understand. I feel like I NEED to be with the eating-disordered, in person.

I'm sorry this is so long, but I knew that this was the place to ask.

hi i needz help.

Tonight I had an unexpected dizzy spell which I've never really had before. Yeah, I've had dizzy spells before, plenty, but none this bad. I'd be curious to know if anyone knew why it happened? I don't really know what exact details to include, so..

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