March 22nd, 2005

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i don't know if this is the right place to post this,
just tell me and i'll delete it.
i just wanted reactions from people who actually think and spell correctly.

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is this as weird as i think, or am i just being too dramatic?
does anyone experience anything similar?

also, this started around the same time as the onset of my eating disorder,
i don't know if there is a possible correlation or not.
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Eds and menstruation...

I’m sorry I am not posting information, but I am interested to know people’s attitudes towards menstruation…

Those of you who have amenorrhoea, do you like the fact that your periods have disappeared? Did you hate them before? I know there can be a link between anorexia and not wanting to ‘grow up’..

Those who don’t, do you wish they would disappear? Do you get angry that despite having a low BMI and fitting all the other criteria, you do not ‘classify’ officially as anorexic because of no amenorrhoea?

Or do you worry about fertility?
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simple vs. complex carbohydrates

I guess this is a good place to ask this question:

I know that there is a difference between the carbs in sugary things and the ones found in grainy things. But what really is the difference? I know that sugars are simple carbs and things like bread have complex carbs, but why are the complex ones better for you, exactly? Does anyone know how they are different on the molecular level? What parts of complex carbohydrate molecules does your body use differently from the parts of simple ones?

And, to go along with that, why is it that your body gets so hyper off sugar and then burns it all up so that you have a huge crash? That doesn't happen with bread or pasta.

I just got to thinking about the whole Atkins thing and how people don't realize the difference between simple and complex carbs, and I realized that although I knew there was a difference, I don't know specifically what it is. We studied this a bit in AP Bio, but that was a few years ago, so my memory needs a refresher.

Edit - Here are some of the comments people have left so that you don't have to scroll through them all to get the pertinent info:

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EDs and the media

Maybe I am the odd one out here, but I feel like people give the media too much credit when it comes to causes for eating disorders...

I'm not a very "trendy" person. I don't watch a lot of television and when I do I'm not looking to actors and actresses for inspiration. I would hardly consider Meg from Family Guy as thinspiration. I don't idolize celebrities and I don't want to be thin in the way most people want to be thin - as an object of desire. I'm not trying to look attractive.

It seems like a lot of people believe that the media puts a huge amount of pressure on girls to be thin. This may be true, but there is a big difference between someone with an eating disorder and someone who just wants to lose weight so that they can look like Pamela Anderson. So anyway, my question is two-fold:

1.)Do you really think the media is a key factor in the development of an eating disorder?
2.)If yes, how much (if any) has the media influenced you[r eating disorder]?