March 23rd, 2005

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"food issues"

I've noticed that in several people's (including myself) applications/comments here, we say that we have "food issues."

So, just as a kind of discussion-type thing, I have a question: At what point do you think that "food issues" become an actual eating disorder? Those of you with an eating disorder, did it start out as just "food issues," and if so, was there a specific time when you felt like it had become a full-blown eating disorder?

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Age:20, 21 in a month

Gender: female


Weight:130 BMI:21.6



My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: Thinspiration annoys me.. I just don't get it.   

Questions/comments/concerns: I never knew there were sites like that until about a month and a half ago; on the Today show, they were talking about these bracelets and they happened to mention a site. So out of curiousity, I went to it and then just googled "pro anorexia" and that was the first web site. I read around for about a month and felt so bad for the people on their and someone told another user to come to the ed_ucate journal. I read around this journal for a while and today, I decided to join to learn more.

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1) How did knowing you had an ED affect your disorder? I mean, when you had the ED without knowing what you had and just dealing with food in order to deal with other things, and now after you realised that you have an ED, do you behave differently? Do you try to eat healthier or did you take your ED to extremes?

2) After hearing the consequences {especially long-term consequences} of having the ED you have, did/do you try to change your behaviours?

3) If you'd already experienced some consequences, did/does it convince you to try and recover, even somewhat? Did/do you not mind it, and continued to act the same as always?

Just curious to see how information about Eating Disorders is handled by people with EDs.