March 26th, 2005

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According to a book I read:
98% of carbohydrates are absorbed by your body.
95% of fats are absorbed by your body.
92% of protein is absorbed by your body.

True or false? I can see how it would be true, as when people binge after not eating properly they tend to go for foods high in carbohydrates, evidently because the body gets the most from them.


I heard on talk radio the other day that the BMI measure is basically crap because it doesn't take into consideration your bone density and frame size. I'm going to research more about it, but I wanted to see what you guys thought. I'll post if I find anything interesting.

Refeeding Syndrome

Here's a summary of an article I read recently, "Much Ado About Refeeding" (Nutrition Issues in Gastroenterology, Jan. 2005). Refeeding Syndrome refers to the physiological problems (including heart and respiratory dysfunction, neurological changes, and excessive water retention) that occur when people increase nutrition intake rapidly after prolonged periods of starvation. If serious enough and not properly addressed, RS can result in death.

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The take-home message seems that the biggest danger for people with EDs such as anorexia may occur during early stages of increased food consumption after a long period of restriction, the need for key minerals greatly increases with sudden increases in nutritional intake, and that misinformed efforts at self-recovery (without medical monitoring) might be quite dangerous(!)

Let me know if you can't access the pdf file (the text is quite long, so I didn't include it here).