April 3rd, 2005

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i didn't want to log in today but i'm really really curious.

have you ever kept off the weight that you lost on a fast? i don't know anyone that has and i know that fasting is not means of permenant weight loss. i would also like people to comment that have alway gained it back so this post isn't one sided. and this shouldn't have to be said, but no liars please.

i also want to add,

wth do you think its so popular? just sheer ignorance or what?


Age: 21...almost 22 :)

Gender: Female.

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 116 lbs

BMI: 19.8?

ED: anorexia athletica (yes its real, just not commonly identified)

Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed?: diagnosed

My biggest pet peeve about ED communities: Being so picky about the ED criteria

How I found my way here: a post in another community

I was diagnosed with anorexia in the fall. My weight was about 108 at the time, still not the ana standard. I hadn't had my period for 2 years and have gained this weight because I was placed on birth control (because I have osteopenia in my back...a precursor to osteoporosis). My BMI never really matched the criteria because it is not accurate for athletes, we have more muscle then fat thereby weighing more with minimal fat...at the time my body fat % was 9%, yet I had a BMI of 19. I restrict like mad and exercise compulsively.

I love this community and am so happy you all are so understanding of EVERY kind of ED, not just ana or mia.

muscle vs fat...

So, I know that muscle weighs more than fat...but I'm wondering if anyone knows how much more, per pound let's say? Not too intellectual of a question, but I'm pretty curious seeing as how my pant size has gone down but my weight has gone up since I started consistently going to the gym.

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so i haven't eaten in the past five days and i've lost ten pounds, but tonight my dad is making me go out to eat at a restruant. I know all restruant entrees usually have at least 1,000 calories in them, and i'm terrified i'm going to gain back the ten pounds? Are there any suggestions?


<3 Laura

im new

ok so heres my application:
age: 13, 14 in may
gender: F
height: 5'0
weight:..ick 110
BMI: 21.5
ED: Ana
diagnosed b4 but they dont no ive started again
pet peeve: wannabees
i was emailed a link by ed_ucator
Well i'm not sure what type of community this is and if i can take the spelling out of words... i'll just check it out i guess. I'm also afraid that there's a lot of people here who haven't been hospitalized and won't understand my situation. I didn't WANT to become 110!!!
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Hey my name is Melissa and I dont have a eating disorder, but I want to understand more about them. My cousin was admitted to the hospital a week and a half ago for an eating disorder. I dont talk ot her a lot so in my sociology class I chose thos topic for research. I figured this is the best place to do it considering I can get facts on the real thing.

Im in 2 other communities _dontcut and inthecut. I struggle with self harm and I have fill out multiple surveys to help people understand more about it, so if you guys could do the same it would help me out a lot.
Thanks and stay safe ladies.

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I know I just posted my app. but since that was my first post I was thinking it was alright to post.

I recently started on birth control (not because I'm having sex, that is not in my personal beliefs at this point in my life). I had lost my period, got it back, lost it, and then got it back, every other week! So 8 days on, 5 days off. It was so horrible. I asked the doctor, will it really make me gain weight. She told me no! She told me if I do it'll only be about 3-4 pounds! Not true. I was eating no more, exercising no less, and I went from my comfortable 98 to 106. As I try to recovery, this scares me so much. I was perfectly alright at 98 pounds. But over that 3 digit mark and I flip out. I know that I"m not over weight, in fact, I just entered the so called "healthy weight" catagory. I even have grown a little (I seem to grow every time my body gets a little extra fat, my early age gymnastics dieting stunted my bone development). HOWEVER, none of these facts are important to me because I see the weight, and then I see a little fat girl in the mirror. I have had problems sharing this with anyone because I am so ashamed. I have started exercising again, but is there any way that I can still be on b/c withouth gaining weight?
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I have been wondering about this.

For those of you who have been in inpatient treatment...what was it like? (How long were you in there?, were they strict, etc)

And if you are recovered: what method led to your recovery, and would you reccomend it to others in this community?