April 10th, 2005

Crookshanks (curious)

questions regarding excessive exercise

This sort of sprung off from the bulimic vs. b/p anorexic question, but it's coming at it from a different angle (where bulimia and BED intersect).

What would you consider someone who binges on a regular or semi-regular basis (more than twice a week on average) and ALSO exercises excessively on a regular basis, but the excessive exercise does not come directly after the binges, despite being seen by the person doing this as a way of "making up for" excessive food consumption? Is this BED, non-purging bulimia, or ED-NOS?

For that matter, how would you define "excessive" exercise?

Inquiring minds want to know...


It's a common complaint in this community that a lot of the (mostly) girls in other ed communities type something like this: "omg girllz i just eta sooooo muhxc." I just saw "energy" spelled as "energie," too, so there is more than plain laziness at work here.
It's a common idea that anorectics tend to be so highly driven/intelligent, but, present company excepted, the evidence doesn't seem to support it.
Is this a function of age, since LJ is young teen-oriented, or what? Why are these girls, who are such perfectionists about their bodies, so careless with their language and their presentation of themselves via their writing?