April 13th, 2005

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I have always heard that:

1g carbs = 4C
1g protein = 4C
1g fat = 9c

Now, I'm looking at the label of this cereal bar.
It says it has 32g carbs, 3g fat, 9g protein.

This should add up to 191 calories. The label says 160.
I know the label isn't always exact, but that's a 31C difference.

Why is this?

EDIT: Thank you cautiouslyopen!
This is an awesome explanation.

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Does anyone know informational websites or references on the negative effect of growth hormones in meat products? I already don't eat very much meat, but I would like some information I can throw at people when they try and get me to.

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Hey im new here!!

--Age: 16

--Gender: female

--How I found my way here: from this girl and because i think i need to learn more!!

--Questions/comments/concerns: maybe later

--ED: ed_ucate - ed-nos

--Diagnosed/Self-diagnosed, not

Height: 5'4"-119 pounds