April 17th, 2005

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my bones hurt regularly, and randomly through the night i tend to wake up and my body is all ridged and stiff. i'm unable to sit/stand in one spot for too long. :(

is this even eating disorder related if so why are my bones hurting now as opposed to years before? and anything i can do to prevent it that doesn't involve in taking pain killers, as of late ive been living off of them.

i know this isn't contributing to anything and it can be deleted, but i need to know and i've looked everywhere for answers.
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I was reading up on hyperthyroidism and I came upon info. that made me curious --

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here is the link to the actual site -- http://www.vegansociety.com/html/food/nutrition/iodine.php

ps. dear mods -- someone took out the only copy of 'killing aurora' in the library. it's not due back there for another week and a half; but i'll get it out then to fix up that entry where i half rec'd it. sorry for the delay.
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a question about low pulse

I was reading through the memories and I found one post that said a side effect from eating disorders is a low pulse rate. My question is: What exactly is a low pulse rate? I've been searching around for it, but everything I've read seems to overlap and I haven't found anything conclusive. So does anyone actually know?
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Anyone ever seen Karen from Will and Grace eat anything bar the olives in her Martini?
I've long been interesed in the relationship between eating disorders and substance abuse. I've had discussions here before with people who, like me, have turned to other abusive behaviours during the course of or recovery from an eating disorder. When I was forced into recovery and began gaining weight, I'd get horribly drunk and/or coked up to try and cope. My therapist at the time called this "cross addiction" - acquiring another addiction to take up the thought-space left by an eating disorder. I still do it sometimes to get away from...the noises in my head.
Collapse ) is interesting but a bit too science-y - I'm more interested in hearing about your "cross-addictions" - but it does offer some, well, science to back a little up.
Are they punishments for poor performance? Like self-harming because you let yourself eat?
Or are they more of a helping hand - drinking to forget your hunger, to stave off a binge, to knock yourself out because you can't sleep? A snifter of coke to keep you going? And I know a LOT of us are big on the old cancer sticks.
Have you experienced cross-addicton when attempting recovery? To fill the hole left by an ED, to give yourself something else to focus on?
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