May 25th, 2005

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admitting there is a problem...

I haven't found this discussion in the memories, but i was just curious..

Did it take you long to realize you had an eating disorder?

I remember years back when i first statred this behavior, I refused to admit to myself that i had a problem. I didn't think that I was "sick enough" to have an ED. it carried on for 3 years before I sat downand said, yeah, maybe there is something wrong here...
I think it was too shameful to amit to myself that i was out of control of something that i thought i had total control of.
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Less consideration for bulimics?

First of all I want to say Im sorry if I make any mistakes writing in english, as Im spanish.
Well, this is my first post in this community (which I love btw, I'm learning a lot!). I have look trough the memories but didnt find anything like my question.
Do the bulimics feel like they are taken in less consideration, both by the normal people and by the doctors?
When I was bulimic, I use to feel like if we were less important in the hospital because we dont (usually) look emaciated and people tend to react as "that's bullshit" when you say you have an ED. This is kinda sad and I wanted to know if I am the only one that was feeling this way.

PS: (nothing to do with this post... hungerbound, I have been diagnosed as EDNOS now, I know you have been wondering about my diagnostic.. my doctors are going to make me go (more) crazy!)
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(no subject)

Check out this site, I use a lot of its tools

my doctor is one of the Doctors who wrote the book this site goes along with, so to speak.

I love the eaters agreement, but the tools really help as far as keeping a food journal. For those of you who read my comment about my plan as far of units of grain etc go, this is the next step. I think I'm actually recovering this time.
Me silly

Not so much a question.

There were times when i seriously thought about finding out how to contact the black market and SELL all of my non-neccesary organs (kidney, apendix, even a lung maybe) in order to lose weight (and the money would just be a nice addition to my problem-solving theory).

You know you're sick when you're considering non-legal/professional surgery for weightloss. Well.. at the time i figured i was just smart, and denied that i was sick, whatsoever.

Anyone else ever fantasize about things like that?

....And the little voice in my head tells me to ask if anyone knows how to contact the black market.

ps. i hear an ovary goes on the black market these days for $50,000. (i did ask around slightly on how to contact the black market..-sigh-).
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