May 26th, 2005

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hello everyone this is my first post in this community, just want to say hi
i have bulimia and i don't really know that is it one of the reason that make me more violent everyday? because i think i develop the mood swing, but then i don't think it's the serious thing right? and another thing i have bad habit of cutting myself so will that concerned with bulimia in me? because since i realized that i had bulimia( i don't know when exactly) my mood swing got worse and worse and including cutting as cutting serious? do i need the shrink to talk to?? so my cutting habit will be gone, and most of all i hate all the scars on my both arms too, especially on my wrists, i'm scared that sometime if i got very angry and frustrated i'll accidentally cut through my vain and die alone in my lonely apartment(which is there's going to be someone found my body after2 months because i'm just nobody......

Is it possible to lose weight without triggering an ED?

I mean, obviously, for people who already have an ED.
My bulimia developed when I dieted very strictly for about 4 months back when I was a teenager. I lost weight and reached my goal weight. Then I found I didn't know how to "eat normally", was obssessed with food and completely out of control. I started binging, fasting to make up for it, purging, gaining weight.
I've been up and down since then. I spent a year pretty much recovered, eating normally, and my weight stabilised - kind of.
This year I've been B/Ping alot, and trying to eat normally + healthily in between.
Anyway, my current weight is fairly high for my height, with a BMI of 24.5. I would really like to lose some weight, and go back to the weight I was before I started dieting in the first place, BUT I am aware that it would be awful to relapse really badly back into bulimia (although part of me thinks "well, it couldn't exactly get much worse", I'm aware that it actually could).

So my question is: is it possible to lose weight through healthy eating, exercise, and counting calories, but not restricting too much (I was thinking of about 1500 calories/day) without triggering my ED? and keep the weight off? does anyone have experience with this?
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something strange is happening to me. there is no better way to explain it other that SLEEP EATING. I have been getting up in the middle of the night and binge eating like a maniac. it's like I'm up and eating, and I recollect the event in the morning, but I have to check the cabinets and garbage to see if it was real or a dream because I wasn't awake.

this has happened the last two nights in a row. this is sick and scary. and it's ruining all my hard work.

has anyone heard of this? I feel like I have to be the only one.....this is just too weird.

Self Diagnosis, Information and Hyper-wanarexia

It concerns me deeply that there are many people within ED communities that are satisfied with their self-diagnosis - usually incorrect as far as I can make out. I can see links to DSM-IV criteria for ED's as a useful tool to give an indication as to what the problem is: but not as a tool for final diagnosis because one "feels" ana or mia. Just because someone hasn't eaten for 28 hours does not make them on a "fast" or anorexic. Just because there have been a few episodes of binging with guilt to follow, doesn't eventuate a diagnosis of Binge Eating Disorder. I think you follow. Even so, if these people were actually as worried as they make out in their posts, surely they would see a doctor to provide assistance? eg. One that had allegedly purged massive amounts of clotted blood, and posted on the internet about it, but didn't seek medical help. And obviously, there are others like it every day.

I also believe that the flux of correct information also allows these wanarexics to "talk" symptoms that they don't actually have. The wondrous psychological fraternity are calling these types, cyberchondriacs. We all are aware (even if loosely) what a hypochondriac is. Just add the internet and we have a cyberchondriac. For a cyberchondriac this access to information is gold. There is so much at their fingertips, and with seemingly consummate ease they can troll into a genuine sufferers diary and "lift" their feelings from the screen - and make them their own. They can then infuse these symptoms into their psyches, leading to incorrect diagnosis by their GPs, due to the convincing nature of their words.

I am not knocking any communities, but just had a thought as to the rise of Hyper-wanabes, and in my opinion this has something to do with it.

I am not saying that the communities should stop providing this information. It's sorely needed amongst all the other crap that is posted around ED communities. A light at the end of a very tedious tunnel to be honest. There is always a danger in providing information. Some know how to use it correctly and others feed on it to create symptoms that don't exist. Worse still, use the information, incorrectly comprehended, and offer it as advice to their community members. I could name a user, but I am aware that those that "know" me, will totally understand who it be that I am referring to.

Anyway. Just a thought.