May 31st, 2005

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This is one of those -not too sure if it's allowed here- kind of posts

The Low-Down- I am quite involved with SWEDA (Somerset and Wessex eating Disorder Association). There's an opportunity with them to go into secondary schools and ed_ucate the youth!

They're looking for ideas of what and how to ed_ucate young people-

The brief-

'Hi, I met some people with a fab idea who would like to go into schools in their local areas and talk to young people about eating disorders awareness and help them see the difficulties that emerge with ED and how it can get in the way of your life, career, uni degree etc. etc. etc.'

So... I'm here to pick your ed_ucated brains for what you'd want young people to know- or to have been told about eating disorders whilst in schools. It can be approached as either targeting people who may already have eating disorders, may be developing eating disordered behaviours, may think eating disorders are cool and a diet, or people who may be supporting friends/family with eating disorders.

Any ideas of what people should know and how to go about lurnin' dem?


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