June 8th, 2005


reaction to eating

Following a seemingly thorough perusal of the memories, I was unable to locate something quite like my question. If, in fact, there is one, feel free to both direct me to it, and delete this post.

I'm not exactly sure how to word this. Basically I'm trying to figure out physical reactions to eating. I have found over the past months that as I live with these habits, eating drains me of energy. I tend to live a fairly tired life as is, due to insomnia, but after I eat anything, something as simple as a cashew, I seem to gradually lose energy. I just want to lay down and not get up. I often do so for spans of time (the floor is an amazingly comfortable place at times).

So, I think the question may have been lost up there, so I will take this opportunity to succinctly reiterate. What are your physical (albeit mental or emotinal if they play a part) reactions to eating? Open to anything here, I'm a sturdy fellow, I'm not easily alarmed.
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Diets made by doctors: trigger or help to recovery?

Tomorrow I have an appointment with my doctor. She is making a personalized diet for me and she has encouraged me to go to the gym and/or go to the pool. (She doesnt know about my ED, i just said I wanted to get thinner)
My question is: Do you think a "real" diet made by a doctor could trigger even more my ED (or anyone else's)? or, could it be the first step to self-recovery?

If any of you have tried dieting that way before: did you find restricting more than what the plan said or bingeing and purging?

Im really curious about how will I react to the diet and the exercise, I DO think it will trigger me even more and that im gonna be more extrict about my intake and workouts.