June 17th, 2005


Self-diagnosis Question

I fit all the criteria for BED, but I also engage in the following behaviours, which would make me ED-NOS:

- restricting (under 900 calories a day)
- excessively exercising after eating
- chewing and spitting
- obsession with "pure" food
- terror of gaining weight
- self-worth based on looks or weight
- missing period

Is this BED, ED-NOS, or both?

Thanks in advance. :-)

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i was wondering if your metabolism slows down if you eat a few times a day, but low calorie things. or if your metabolism runs on calories not the contents of the food.
for example, can you eat salad 6 times a day totaling about 100 calories and still have your metabolism be as high as if you were to eat 6 high calorie food items..?


The infamous pouch.

Yesterday during dinner my mother and I were talking about weight. I brought up the fact that my lower stomach is really flabby, her reply was, "You're retaining water."

She says all that fat is water retention? If so, can anyone explain this to me. Are there any ways of solving this problem?
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If this is not allowed, I apologize and understand if you need to delete it.

I have a question regarding inpatient programs. I need to go IP for anorexia and after a terrible experience at New York Presbyterian Hospital in White Plains, NY, I am looking for something that might actually help me this time.

So has anyone here been to Renfrew in Philadelphia, PA or Four Winds in Katonah, NY?

If so:

1) What did you think of the program? Was there a focus on therapy or was the focus entirely on refeeding?

2) How long were you there? I need to gain XX pounds and I need to do it in two months (or less than two months, ideally), before school starts. Based on your experience and the experience of those around you, is this viable?

3) Did they start refeeding you immediately on solid food or did you have to drink Ensure first before being "moved up" to trays? (At NY Hospital, the refeeding was completely on Ensure, until you were medically stable enough - in their opinion - to "handle" real food).

That's it for now. Thank you all so much. :)