July 7th, 2005

Everyone ok?

Not sure if there are any londoners here, but if so, hope you are ok!

Have just managed to confirm that all my friends are ok (I am in Cardiff).

Thoughts are with everyone


(ps - sorry that this is totally non-ed related, please delete if it offends)
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Muscles Are Not Working!

I've noticed in the last few days my muscles have been locking. (Like, when your muscles tighten unvoluntarily and won't untighten) It is a pain, because I can't walk up the stairs or even stand up without tons of effort, and manually un-tightening the muscles... What is causing this? Should I be worried?

bmi question??

Hello! I'm new, I'm 14, my name's Erika, I was diagnosed Anorexic but prefer to call myself ED-NOS.
Blablabla, anyways, I have a few questions about BMI. Thankyou in advance! :)

First of all, there's just one BMI, there isn't a standard BMI and a metric BMI, right?
1kg = 2.2lbs, yes.
And I think, at my height of 161cm, I'm 5'2". Is that correct?
And let's say my weight is 50kg, that would make me 110lbs. Mmm?
I do my conversions here.

Okay, onto my next problem.
I calculate my BMI here, and I know it's a very popular site. Problem is, if I calculate using the statistics above -

Standard - 5'2" & 110lbs = 20.1
Metric - 161cm & 50kg = 19.3
So, either my converting is wrong, or the calculator is wrong.

Next. In Health PE class at school, we learnt that to calculate BMI, it is

Weight in kilograms divided by your height in meters squared;
So, for me it would be

= 50 / 2.5921
Which gives me a BMI of 19.2.

So basically, I'm confused! Can anyone solve my dilemma?