July 12th, 2005

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in a recent post there was an article about how our fat cells either grow or shrink. is this still dependent on Caloric intake/output? will these fat cells grow larger if we're eating fatty foods versus nonfattening foods?

for example does it really matter if you eat 1200 calories of ice cream or 1200 calories of carrots?

(i know in basic health terms it is best to have a balanced diet, but in terms of body fat, does this soley depend on Calories?)

sorry if i'm not articulating very well, i'm just confused.

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It has been widely speculated [and proven for the most part] that people who develop Eating Disorders were born susceptible to it and that society was the thing that triggered the disease.
So here is my question: after reading the article posted in ed_ucate Here which states that 1/10 Argentinian girls have an Eating Disorder which is second only to Japan, I thought, well why does their society have so many more girls with EDs?

So my question is: carrying on with the idea that you are born susceptible to an eating disorder, why are there more cases of EDs? Are there generally more babies there who are susceptible? Are there more social triggers?
If you believe the later, then is it possible that a greater number of us are actually susceptible then once thought? (if 1/10 are getting one in Argentina, assuming that more are susceptible, then could it be 1/5 could develop one?)

edit sorry, but just to continue that thought, is it possible that everyone is susceptible to an ED, just in varying degrees?