July 23rd, 2005

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I checked the memories. This is a little off topic, I'm sorry. If it needs to be deleted, that's ok.

So I found out today my brother's thyroid is "low"(it might have been described to me as "slow", but I cannot recall), my mom has thyroid problems too. I'm afraid I might have them as well(if not now, later on.) I always thought that slow thyroid = fat. But neither my brother or mother is overweight. Could somebody please explain to me what this all means? What does it mean to have a "low" thyroid? Is it probable that I would inherit this?
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I am leaving all eating disorder related communities. It doesn't matter much, I'm not much of an asset, and I honestly don't think I'll be very active anymore anyway. I'm too self centered I suppose.

I hope you all learn to love yourselves. You all deserve it.

Remember, if you still want to help on my survey, I'd greatly appreciate it. My email address is jules_rivette@hotmail.com

Thank you for all the help you have given me :)