August 26th, 2005

"Starved" show

I know this was last week and not the LAST showing of it, but did anyone see the "Starved" with the woman going through kemo at the gym?

I know it sounds kind of sick, but I actually wished for a minute there that I was like her, so I could eat whatever I wanted and still be losing weight. How freaking sick, demented, and degrading is that? I got so ashamed of myself after I realized what I was wishing for...

Anyone else have similar thoughts? Just curious...

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Book review: Life In The Fat Lane by Cherie Bennett

Summary: The fictional first-person POV story of Lara Ardeche, a 16 year old beauty queen who is on her way to becoming Miss America. Her life is perfect, she has a perfect family, friends, boyfriend, body. After she wins Homecoming, she gets weird allergy attacks, and is put on a drug which causes her to gain some weight. Soon she begins to gain more weight, and along with developing some eating disordered behaviours, finds out that she is suffering from a rare [and thankfully fictional!] metabolic disorder in which the body becomes super-efficient and gains weight even on a diet of next to nothing.

My thoughts: The start was the worst part of this book for me, just because she seems like such a typical Southern teenager X( However, as the story goes on she starts to realise that none of her apparently perfect life was perfect, and she starts to become more of a 'real' person. This book was triggering in several ways, as there is incessant talk of numbers [she goes from under 120 to over 210] exercising, dieting, etc. But as it goes on, it conveys well how weight does not really matter, and the best people are often not the thinnest.

Strangely enough, it's taken a lapse into COE and significant weight gain for me to fully appreciate this book. I used to think it wasn't very good, but reading it again recently, I changed my mind.

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All in all, I'd recommend it if you think you would be able to avoid succumbing to the negative triggers.

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