September 5th, 2005


antacids after a binge

Do any of you use antacids after you binge? If so, why? Does anybody know if they do anything beneficial for your stomach or body in general after a binge, or are they actually harmful (in the sense that they prevent digestion or something)?

The reason I'm asking is not because I'm looking for tips or anything. I don't really know how antacids work, other than the generic "neutralize stomach acid" description. But I figured that if it neutralizes your stomach acid, then your body won't digest the food as well. Is that wrong? I'm not a big nutrition person.

Usually I eat antacid tablets like candy after I binge. I just eat handfuls of them. I guess I do it because I feel like it helps get rid of that bloated, indigestion feeling. So, basically I'm asking if doing that is helpful, harmful, or just pointless.

Edit: hungerbound found some information if anyone else is interested.

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