September 11th, 2005

"Dual Eating Disorders?"

Is there truly such thing as going from one eating disorder to another? How common is this? How long do these "phases" (for lack of a better term) last? Is it fair to label these people ED-NOS, or what?

  • You were anorexic but now you are bulimic
  • You were a compulsive overeater but now you are anorexic, or vise versa
  • You were anorexic, then bulimic, and now you are anorexic again

    There is only one example I can think of (besides myself) where a person has had more than one eating disorder; the book "Wasted: A memoir of an anorexic and bulimic" by Marya Hornbacher has a main character (herself) who is bulimic at first, and several years later becomes anorexic. I haven't read this book yet, but this is what I gather from reviews. If it helps my question, use your personal experience as an example.