September 14th, 2005


the high temple of our most sacred Treadmill?

How much does everyone here exercise?

Maybe I'm just not a good "ana gurl", but I don't exactly work out in a "frenetic and ritualized" manner (phrase from a journal article - Giordano J Med Ethics.2005; 31: 15-20. - that I can't seem to post here because all I can get is a PDF version of it). Yes, I routinely go to the gym, but it's not obsessive, but rather recreational... and an excuse to use the medical grade scale in the locker room.

Honestly, I get disgusted with the whole setting. With the girl who must weigh 20 lbs less than I do, spastic on the elliptical, the overweight freshman who had to ask me how to use the incline bench and then had to try something else because her legs didn't fit into it; with the number of eyes who take in my body as I try to mind my own business.
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I thought this was interesting. In my own little world, this is a big no-no. It's carbs, it's artificial sweeteners, it's preservatives and it's dairy. But apparently it's not evil!

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What I'd like to know is which cereals they are referring to. Count Chocula is not exactly weight-conscious dining. But then again, they do advertise all over cereal boxes about those "9 essential vitamins and minerals". Could that be it?

Hmm. This really makes me miss Cheerios.